Contribute to the Omaha Burke High School Athletic Facilities Update and Stadium Renovation

Burke High School Home of the Bulldogs

The objective of this renovation is to bring the athletic facilities at Burke High School up to current standards and building codes as well as increase the functionality of the stadium for high profile events such as the State Track Meet. The Omaha Public Schools has committed $2,000,000 to replace the playing surfaces within the stadium. We are looking to raise about $2,000,000 from alumni with the rest of the funds coming from local businesses and local foundations that are interested in keeping the State Track Meet in Omaha. We also plan to increase capacity by building a Soccer/Lacrosse/Band Complex and an indoor Baseball/Softball training facility. All of these upgraded facilities will provide greater functionality and versatility for the community athletes who utilize the playing fields at Burke High School. All donations to this project will be placed in an account with the Omaha Schools Foundation and are tax deductible. 100% of the money donated to this project will go toward the project and if we do not raise enough money to complete this renovation, all money will be returned.


Stadium Renovations:

Pledges and donations can be made on the Omaha Public Schools Foundation website and donations can be paid in installments.  Donors who contribute $1,000 or more will have the option of being recognized on one of the columns in the south end zone.

Indoor Training Facility for Baseball and Softball:

Donors can direct their money toward the building of a 9600 sq.ft. training facility for softball and baseball teams. This space will allow our teams to practice during inclement weather and can be utilized during the off-season for community teams, clubs, and organizations.

Soccer/Lacrosse/Band Complex:

This renovation will include artificial turf for the current field that will be marked for a regulation size soccer field, lacrosse, and also football. The entrance to this new complex will include storage space for soccer, lacrosse and marching band as well as restrooms, concession areas, expanded seating, lighting, and a crow’s nest. This complex has been designed with features to allow the soccer team to play evening games at home, to give lacrosse an enclosed playing surface for safety purposes, and a marked field for the marching band to rehearse in both summer and fall when the stadium is being utilized by football. Having artificial turf that is marked for soccer, lacrosse, and football will provide greater utilization for late fall and early spring as well as flexibility for community teams looking for playing fields.

Alumni Column Donation:

  • $100.00:  Bricks for the walkway (stadium only)
  • $1,000:  Donors will receive permanent recognition on a quarter (1/4) of a column in the north end zone fence or the soccer field fence
  •  $5,000:  Donors will receive permanent recognition on a half (1/2) of a column in the north end zone fence or the soccer field fence
  • $10,000:  Donors will receive permanent recognition on a full column in the north end zone fence or the soccer field fence
  • $15,000 and higher:  Recognition ideas will be negotiated within OPS policy.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Carlson, 402.880.8092 or email,


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Thank you for choosing to support the Burke High School Stadium Renovation through the Omaha Public Schools Foundation website. We appreciate your commitment and look forward to your involvement with our campaign.

The Omaha Schools Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law and go directly to the intended program, project or scholarship. No administrative fees are deducted from any donation.

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